My calling is to be of service to others on all things mental health and self love, so much so that i studied to became a meditation teacher and yoga teacher and eventually founded Mindspo together with my partner Chris.

Meditation literally saved my life. It freed me from years of dark depression, anxiety, ptsd and suicidal thoughts. 

It so profoundly changed and improved my experience of life, that after 5 years of practising myself, i decided to pass on what i've learnt through my own mental health transformation, sharing the techniques that worked for me, with people like you.

I left Sydney in 2014 and become a digital nomad. After 3 years of perpetual travel i fell in love with Bali, which i now call my home. 

Connecting with my students online and at my retreats is what i live for. I also love befriending stray dogs and in my spare time i'm constructing vision boards, whilst obsessing over my growing plant collection.

Through my teachings here at Mindspo I hope to provide you with that which i was always looking for, peace of mind. 


I am someone who often starts with the end in mind. When i think about the end of my life, i would like to look back and feel i've provided lots of people with value, in whatever shape of form that may be. I think the purpose of life is a life of purpose. 

When Rochelle and i learned to meditate back in 2011, i couldn't have predicted that sharing this wonderfully simple yet powerful technique would become the centre point of our lives a few years later. 

Meditation is so misunderstood by the vast majority. Everyone experiences moments daily where having a mindset that's recently been calmed and balanced through meditation, would be an asset. 

Anger, Jealousy, Racism, Sexism, Depression, Anxiety, Suicide, what do all of these have in common? Well they start with the mind, in particular within a mind that is acting outside the parameters of harmony. 

If there is but one thing i wish to achieve with my presence on this planet, it is to awaken as many people as i can, to see that the path to peace, harmony and happiness starts inside the psyche, and that meditation is a direct route to revealing these qualities within your mind, and within your life.