That's why we created Clear to Create.

Join Rochelle & Meg as we transition through a portal that will collapse time and launch you into the life of your dreams…

As the year comes to a close, life can get chaotic and heavy. We hold onto to the past and absorb everyone else's energy, as we fight our way through one day at a time.

The constant noise and demands of the external world makes it hard to figure out what we truly want, what our vision is, and how to feel a sense of purpose, excitement, and direction.

No more “new year, new me” empty promises.


This is a powerful, energetic portal where you’ll reclaim your soul-connection and create the life you truly desire.

Think of it like a cosmic vacuum - sucking away the clutter, distractions, and stagnant energy that have weighed you down and kept you in a cycle of anxiety, self-doubt and overwhelm.

It’s a spring cleaning for your soul; a blank canvas, ready to be painted with the colours of your deepest desires and WILD aspirations.

No dream is too big in our eyes. We will cheer you on every step of the way.

Workshop One

Your ticket grants you access to both Sessions. 

December 10th, 2023 - 10am (UK)

Reflect on the past year, embrace the lessons, integrate the wisdom, and fully release what no longer serves your next chapter.

Clear your energetic field through a powerful burn ceremony, deep meditation, and journaling practices.


January 21st, 2024 - 10am (UK)

Set your vision for 2024, clarify your path, and take aligned action towards the year of your dreams.

Harness the collective energy of this container to propel yourself forward and turn your desires into reality.


Workshop Two


What's included.

1.5 hours

1.5 hours

Workshop Two


1.5 hours

January 21st 2024 - 10am (UK)

Set your vision, clarify your
 path, and take massive
action towards the life
 of your dreams.

Harness the collective energy
of this container to propel yourself and turn you wishes into reality.

Remember, 12 months from now your life can be unrecognisable.


This year, we’ve included something very special; a 12-page monthly workbook to accompany you throughout 2024, helping you stay the course and readjust where needed.

Make sure that 2024 isn't just another empty 'new year, new me' resolution but a turning point toward the life of your dreams. 

Make 2024 a year of more community, integrity, clarity, connection, and love for yourself and others. It all starts with this one small step. 

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Benefits You Will Receive.

Radical Accountability

A Feeling of Rebirth & Reset

Mental Clarity

Confidence & Motivation

Remind yourself of your inner power

About Us

Do you ever feel exhausted by the whole ‘new year, new me hype? Like you're still processing the past year and need a break, all while feeling external pressure to be a whole new person in January? 
We did… which is why we birthed ‘Clear to Create’ to support you during what can be the most chaotic time of year. 
This portal was born from our own frustration of feeling like there was an essential part missing when it comes to ‘manifesting and creating your vision in the new year.’ 
Many people focus on ‘creating the new’ while ignoring the need to clear out the old.
To achieve a ‘new year, better you’ in 2024, you must close the chapters that no longer serve you and establish clear boundaries, so you actually have the space to create. 
If, like us, you want to navigate this time with more self-love, grace, and actual support to get unstuck before 2024, join this sisterhood portal as we all Clear to Create.

Feedback from last year's Clear to Create


Thank you so much, it was honestly so amazing and I can't wait for the next one!


"The most magical morning, releasing emotions &clearing space, surrounded with amazing souls all over the world thanks @rochelle_fox @megan_rose_Jane for holding the most beautiful space for us all."

Clare Woollon

I just want to thank Rochelle and Megan for this incredible masterclass. This whole experience has truly been life changing for me and so very needed. 
I've just finished the create masterclass and feel so full of energy and motivation. Both meditations were so powerful and the last one made me cry with relief that what I'd pictured could actually happen. You're both amazing and I'm so thankful for you offering this to us. Also I'm obsessed with the playlist!! Thank you so much and thank you to everyone for sharing your stories and being so inspiring.


"I cannot tell you how powerful that workshop was with @megan_ rose lane and @rochelle fox. I'm so excited for this year!"

The clear to create session was perfect, like I said I've always been skeptical of things like that. But I've have had the hardest year of my life and I've been carrying so much sadness, tension and negativity with me. I cried my eyes out but I feel so much lighter and I am so excited for the second session. You've changed my life, thank you so much!

Wowowow I did clear to create last night and I have never needed anything more in my life. It was nothing sort of absolute magic. I feel so much lighter after the hardest year of my entire life. Thank you thank you thank you to both yourself and Rochelle! I cannot wait for the next session. Wishing you and your lovely little girt the most beautiful Christmas.

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'Clear to Create' is not just a workshop series; it's a life-altering experience that will guide you from chaos to clarity and from dreams to reality.

It's a soul-aligning container that will set the stage for your most radiant, empowered year yet.

How does this program unfold?

Clear to Create is a two-part Live Masterclass Container hosted by Megan Rose Lane & Rochelle Fox. You can watch from anywhere in the world and join the community as we all progress through this signature program together. 

Where will I access the program?

You will receive a link via email to access the program portal, where you'll find links to the Live Webinar Room, your Workbook, and your Meditation Masterclass. Replays will also be uploaded to your portal after each session. 


How long do I have access?

You have 6 months access to the Clear to Create Masterclass series and 3 months to the Facebook community.

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What if I can't make the live session?

You will have access to a replay recording, which will be emailed to you after each session.