Saturday, October 22, 2016


I remember a time, before I learned meditation and before I got into the whole YouTube vlogging thing, when I literally typed into Google: ‘What to do when you can’t get out of bed because you’re depressed.’

Things were that bad. I was around 20 years old at the time and I was at home, alone, curled up in a dark room and feeling depressed as sh*t.

I had lots of great friends, but how do you ask someone you’re close to a question like that? It felt awkward. Shameful. And beyond embarrassing. So instead, I tried to find answers online.

It’s crazy how simply watching people on the Internet can make you feel less alone. How someone you’ve never even met can feel like more of a friend than people in real life.

It’s even crazier that five years later I’m the one making the types of videos the girl I used to be needed. And guess what? I’m not the only one doing so.

Which is great, because mental illness, depression and anxiety are real things and are about as ordinary as the common cold. You wouldn’t think that though, because out in the real world we don’t talk about this stuff anywhere near openly enough.

Thankfully, I consider myself to be part of an ever-growing community of YouTube creators getting real and smashing the stigma by talking about their own personal experiences with mental illness while offering practice advice to those in need.

I feel like together we need to offer encouragement and act as cheerleaders to anyone willing to talk openly and get real when it comes to these topics. This means sharing, liking, supporting and starting a conversation on their videos because it takes real guts to speak up, let alone speak up and publish it to an online audience of millions.

Which is why if you’re ever sitting at home alone in your bedroom wondering ‘does anyone else understand me?’ then I want you to play some of the below clips from some of my personal favourite Vloggers. These are some of the champions doing their part to break the stigma of mental illness start a conversation that we should all be engaged in.

Danielle Mansutti

Fellow Australian, Danielle, is somebody I can’t wait to connect with one day on home soil and teach meditation to. Danielle’s got some serious skills when it comes to beauty, but more than that she’s got a lot of heart, strength and is kicking the stigma of mental illness in the butt one video at a time #GOGIRL.

Danielle has been speaking out about depression, anxiety and bullying for some time and has shared the highs and lows with her 1.5 million + audience on a regular basis. Her latest video titled, ‘Let’s talk about depression’ is eloquent, factual, moving and a must-watch whether you yourself are depressed or not, because as she states, everyone knows someone that is depressed and the more we can all understand about depression the more we can all help each other.

Danielle, Mindspo sends you all our good vibes support.


I can’t say enough good things about Zoe. The love, heartfelt empathy and care she has for those going through tough times is the real deal. I’m lucky enough to have gotten to know Zoe a little in real life and consider her a friend and someone that I’m constantly inspired by and very very proud of.

With a subscriber base of 10 + million on YouTube, it’s incredible that while Zoe herself is still overcoming her own battle with anxiety on a daily basis, she willingly let’s the world into her own personal struggles. The mix of Zoe’s candid vlogs and beautifully filmed practical main channel videos show not only her raw and real personal moments in her day-to-day life with anxiety, but also offer actionable advice and knowledge for those also suffering.

It’s through creative content and down-to-earth beautiful souls like Zoe that girls and boys around the world don’t feel so alone anymore. As a leader in the YouTube space, Zoella’s channel paves the way for other creators to join the conversation.

Her latest video, ‘Mindful moments’ is beautiful and a new favourite of mine. I literally squealed with happiness when I saw it for the first time and heard her meditation app recommendations!

Zoe, you are #GOALS, not only because you’re beautiful, funny and a bloody good baker, but because we need more girls like you speaking up so others will be inspired to do so as well.

Love ya girl!


A boy that’s been on my watch list lately is actually one of our October students, DamnSam, who has been making kick ass clips on all things self-love, meditation and marriage equality. Sam’s catalogue of clips on all things LBGT are a must-watch and provide amazing insights into his life experiences as a gay man growing up.

His coming out story is a great watch and gave me such a personal insight into what it’s like to come out and some of the challenges the LBGT youth of today can face. What I found brilliant about this clip was Sam’s honesty in explaining that the biggest thing for him to deal with wasn’t coming out to other people in his life, but coming out to himself.

The idea of accepting ourselves is one that we all need to explore whether we are coming out or not and it’s great to see Sam have such a high level of self-awareness and share his thoughts on self-acceptance. 

Will Darbyshire

If you’re a fan of cinematic short films, then Will Darbyshire should be on your subscribe list because his content is nothing short of brilliantly beautiful. Will’s a film school graduate that produces content that stands out from the rest online.

Will’s style is moody, raw and deep, and he’s not someone to always paint things as rainbows and butterflies, which is refreshing on YouTube as so many creators opt for the more sunny side up way of portraying mental health issues. Will’s ‘Reasons to stay alive’ is one of my favourite short films on YouTube. The way it’s filmed and the message of the value of life is one that I feel all of us should embrace, share and contemplate.

Another clip from Will > ‘Depression’:

Cartia Mallan

Cartia is an incredible soul that I’m lucky enough to call a dear friend and fellow creator. At such a young age Cartia’s awareness and passion for spreading good vibes and positivity as well as creating no bullshit content is so inspiring. Her style, vibe and realness have pushed me into my own creative evolution.

Cartia often does sit-down chatty videos on things close to her that are brilliant, but what I love most personally are Cartia’s short films which show her rebellious, youthful and spontaneous side. Cartia never sticks to PG and instead likes to keep things raw, unfiltered and free flowing like her wild sprit. Watching Cartia’s films and rants are often like watching a side of myself unfold that I haven’t quite let run wild yet. 

Cartia has also been one of my meditation students and I’m so happy she’s now a keen meditator and also gave me the opportunity to speak freely on her channel about the topic!

Meghan Rienks

Meghan’s been on YouTube for years and while she admits she’s not one to get too personal on the Internet, she goes out of her comfort zone to do so when it comes to mental health. Meghan’s personality and YouTube style can be seen as a little cynical and she’s one that is not afraid to laugh at herself or take things too seriously.

Jokes aside, Meghan’s made some pretty rad films on mental health, one being her anxiety film co-created with Colma Productions. The film goes deep into the physical and mental effects of anxiety and how ‘if we assume we can not see it (anxiety) then it’s not really there.’ Meghan goes on to describe that sometimes the most painful demands are the ones that we cannot see. 

Have any mental health YouTube clips you want to share, or think we should see?
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