your path to self love

Scrolling your instagram wide eyed late at night? Comparing yourself to everyone online?

Battling that inner b*tch always telling you you’re not good enough?
Stuck in victim mindset, feeling unworthy of love…?

Searching for your soul fam, but feel like you’ve never found your tribe?

are you...

Discover a new wave of confidence, creativity and mental clarity?

Feel power over that voice inside your head?

Embrace your TRUE self and become the best version of you.

Know your worth and start living your unapologetic truth.

Do you want to…

Enough is your gateway to Self Love with 6 powerful and practical modules. 

Self Awareness

- Stop searching and get clarity through personality tests and guided journaling.

- Embrace your feminine energy and learn how to work with and embrace your cycle.

- Learn how to discern between the voice of fear and your intuition.

+ more

Find out who you REALLY are


Empower yourself

- Gain the mindsets and tools needed to reprogram your mind for self love. 

- Identify and shift outdated beliefs holding you back from your greatest self. 

- Open yourself up to new ways of seeing other women and learn my secret to manifesting success. 

- Dive deep with confidence boosting meditations and visualisation exercises that will super charge your vibe.

- Learn how to unblock stuck stagnant energy and ‘feel to heal’ with journaling and yin yoga.

- Discover your 'Why'.

+ more

Awaken your greater self


The Detox

- Learn how to Detox your spiritual, physical, mental and technological life.

- Get access to a powerful AF energy clearing meditation that will help you recall your energy from past people and places that have caused you pain.

- Say goodbye to ‘shoulds’ and learn how to say NO - without letting people down.

- Protect yourself with powerful affirmations that repel negativity so you can keep your vibe high no matter what.

- Banish ‘people pleasing’ for good and stand in your power.

+ more

Create a supportive environment


Beliefs, blocks and breakthroughs

- Say goodbye to victim mindset as you become the hero of your journey. 

- Understand how your beliefs are blocking you and how you can unblock yourself. 

- Learn how to take responsibility for your life and regain your personal power.

- Practice my ultimate mindshift for re-framing the past and re-telling your story.

+ more

It’s time to re-write your story.


Letting go

- Create your own breakthrough moment

- Learn my transformational ‘letting go’ ritual that my students RAVE about

- Release your fears so you can evolve past your previous self and make room for the new greater YOU.

+ more

Release what no longer serves you.


Create your reality

- Create your ideal future and learn how to magnetize yourself to it. 

- Design the woman you want to be and learn to embody her.

- Get the practical steps you need to take action towards the vision of yourself.

+ more

It’s time to envision your future


Your path to Self love and self acceptance.

Enrol in the ‘Enough' Self Love Course

Start your journey and explore, practice and integrate the teachings into your life. 

Connect with Mindspo’s Self Love Sisterhood via our private facebook group and find your tribe. 

Become your brain’s bestie and love yourself for who you are. 

YOUR GUIDE TO self love

Rochelle Fox

Rochelle Fox is a certified Meditation and Yoga Teacher who has focused her work on women’s self love, guiding women through her in-person Self Love Retreats in Bali.

As the co-founder of Mindspo she's taught 1000's of students how to silence their inner bitch and become their brain's bestie.

Let’s burn your #BS beliefs

Babe, has anyone ever told you that self love is an inside job? You can try every fad diet, you can buy every outfit and get every procedure, but if you don’t do the inner work then NOTHING will change.

In Enough I’m going to teach you how to tap into the ever present flow of abundance and love available to you right now, without you changing anything but your MIND.

As the famous quote goes “Your inner world, creates your outer world” and this program is all about taking a deep dive within. 

BS Belief #1

“I have to change how i look to be worthy of love.”

There’s this lie that so many women are living - my past self included, that we need the approval of others to be enough.

We hold back our own power and greatness seeking outside validation from the world to deem ourselves worthy.

This course will guide you on how to let go of this B.S belief and feel Enough on your own terms.

BS Belief #2

“When they/he/she approves of me, then I’ll be enough”

I hear you - but I don’t buy it, because babe, you were born enough.

I get it, because I’ve had the same story too. The ‘I am not enough’ story used to leak into EVERYTHING in my life and I mean everything. It caused major relationship issues with my partner, it held me back from going for my dreams, it killed my confidence and it crippled my self esteem - but I’ve learnt how to keep that story under control and I am no longer a victim to it’s tricks.

So much of the inspiration behind the ENOUGH program comes from wanting to help others kick the 'I am not enough' story to the curb- Through the power of meditation, radical self awareness and the tools in this course we’re going to transform your 'I am not enough' story and I am going to teach you how to stop being the victim to this negative BS belief. system for good. 

BS Belief #3

"I am not good enough / pretty enough / smart enough"

how much does it cost?


*Priced in USD

One Payment $222 USD

Payment Plan $59 USD


"Through my Mindspo Self Love journey and Rochelle’s teaching I realised I’m not my past or just a victim of trauma.

I felt for so long that my mental health was destined to be crappy forever and I had no control over it. I finally realised that I own all my power, and no one (no matter how hard they try) can take my power away from me.

The Self love program reminded me that I do have a passion for life, a passion for art, travel and helping others. For so long I had felt numb to everything. I now finally have excitement and am so so happy to be alive right now!"

Stephanie Y.

"In September 2018 I took myself to Bali on a Self Love retreat with Mindspo and Rochelle Fox. I didn’t even know why I booked it, as far as I thought, I loved myself and I just wanted the experience and to learn about my self a little more.

During that retreat I was asked questions I never asked myself, I dove deep into the work and learnt more than I ever thought possible. It was through these teachings and Rochelle’s self love that I realised I was living In pure FEAR.

 Fear that ruined every part of my existence.
I cried hard, I grieved for myself and then I learnt how to take responsibility and how to let go and forgive myself for all I had done. Since then I’ve finally found my inner courage and have become truely unapologetically and authentically fearless!!!


Through these teaching I’ve learnt that I am not what others think of me, for too long I let the opinions and thoughts of other rule me and effect many relationships, since doing this work I’ve learnt that “I create my own reality” 💫  and I now know how not to be my brains bitch!

Ruby A.

What currency is the course?
The course is in USD.

How long do I have access?
You get lifetime access to Enough, so you can catch up whenever you like, and re-visit it as many times as you like.

How much time will Enough take?
Enough is split into six modules designed to be taken over six weeks, that said you can do Enough in any time frame you like. Everyone learns at different rates so it’s up to you!

What happens after I sign up?
You will get an email and access so you can view your Pre-sale bonuses and confirmation of your order.

How is Enough presented? Audio? Video? Written? Workbook?
All of the above! Enough is a multimedia course containing a combination of audio, video and written lesson plans within the course.

Do you have payment plans?
YES! We have two payment options, pay in full or payment plan.


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