Meditation Course

Learn the ultimate Brain Hack for sustainable inner peace, happiness and health.

4 Week Online Video Course

30 Short Videos in total

Videos stay unlocked after course.

Modern, Simple & Straight forward.

Learn a powerful form of Meditation.

Watch time only 30min per week.

Follow simple guided exercises.

Naturally improve your Mental Health


Learn Meditation Online with our simple Video Course.

Watch simple & short instructional videos to become a Meditation Pro in just 4 weeks.

Join the over 1000 Students so far who've experienced the life changing effects.

Only a one-time payment of $75US to learn this priceless skill.

Register now, the online course starts January 1st.


Free trial? Try our 5 Minute Beginners Meditation here.

Do you struggle with these?

These days, it’s all about working hard and slaying harder.
Life is intense and fierce and ridiculously GO, GO, GO.

It’s rare enough to get the chance to pause and smell the donuts, let alone have time to figure out how to wrangle our overexcited, overstimulated, overactive thoughts into line, so we can feel confident, calm, peaceful and happy. #amiright?

Which means the above struggles reign supreme on our asses.

In short, we are our brains’ bitches.

Is this you?

+ You always assume the worst.
+ You get stressed out easily.
+ There’s never enough time in the day.
+ You can’t sit still and just ‘be’.
+ Your mind keeps you up at night.
+ You blurt out things you regret later.

+ A calm temper is not your strong suit.
+ Your glass is usually half empty 🙁
+ You’re often sick, tired and run-down.
+ Your relationships suck.
+ You’re a chronic overthinker.
+ You’re always fretting over the past.

But what if there was another way?

What if you could continue to slay, all while channeling cool, calm and confident inner peace? And no, it doesn’t mean ditching Fri-yay drinks for green smoothies, hugging trees and singing kumbaya… unless you’re into that kind of thing.

Instead, it’s about harnessing a 1,000-year-old scientifically proven practice that is not only totally transformational but also so practical and easy to learn that even a Snapchat obsessed selfie king or queen will get it.


“Learning Meditation through Mindspo has been invaluable for me.”

Performing in front of thousands of people can be scary and a lot of pressure, but now i can just close my eyes, meditate, and when i open them i’m cool, calm and collected.

I tell everyone to learn this, it’s such an amazing tool, i’ll be using it for the rest of my life.”

William Singe
Singer & Youtube Sensation
Los Angeles, USA

“Through doing the Mindspo Meditation course I’ve noticed a huge difference in my anxiety, even after the first week. “

I found Rochelle and Mindspo through YouTube after watching her meditation and mindfulness films and was so excited, because I’ve been looking to learn meditation for ages but could never find the right course or teacher until now.

My morning Mindspo meditations can literally make my anxiety disappear, I can’t wait to keep going!”

Khrissie Loves
Graphic Designer
United Kingdom

“It’s been quite literally life changing.”

After only 2 weeks of mediating it’s safe to say this is a practice I won’t be giving up. The Mindspo meditation course was exactly what I needed. It’s simple yet so informative and you just get right into it. I have felt so prepared and supported.

I suffer/suffered with anxiety, depression and living totally in my head, not in reality. I say suffer/suffered, because I know only 2 weeks hasn’t quite ‘cured’ me, but since starting the course I have been totally anxiety free! Not once have I felt that adrenal rush, heart racing, lightheaded out of control feeling and if this is 2 weeks, then sign me up to meditate the rest of my life. It’s been quite literally life changing.

This is for everyone, any age, no matter how busy you think you are. The calm and peace you find within is just so worth exploring, i hope everyone learns it.

Sarah Bellian
New Zealand

“I can feel that I’m living a more positive life and I have more control over my thoughts and emotions.”

I’ve always been interested in meditation but never truly committed to practicing. I was having a hard time and figured it was a good time to try a course. Mindspo has already made me more consistent in my practice and it’s been an incredible release for me.

Kelli Houston
United States

“I can’t thank you enough, sitting here now I can say you’ve changed my life, for the better.”

All the words I’m about to express to you both, cannot nearly express my gratitude and appreciation for what you’ve taught me. I never would’ve thought that clicking on a random video could change my life forever.

What you have done, what you have created is something so beautiful and life changing. Mindspo is changing lives. You are changing lives… Writing this now I have so much to say to you guys, that I would never be able to write down because it simply would not be enough.

I will continue to rave about meditation and about your course to everyone I know.


“Thanks to Mindspo I’ve completely regained motivation in my entire lifestyle.”

As an entrepreneur and swimwear designer, I have a lot on my plate and while running my own business is exciting, it can also be overwhelming and my mind becomes very cluttered, which can send me into a rollercoaster of emotions.

Since starting Mindspo so much has changed, I’m a lot more motivated in life and my productivity has increased. I can’t believe what a positive impact it’s had! Since starting the course I’ve exercised everyday and am also eating healthier, which is awesome.

I’m only in week two, but I already feel more like myself again and less stuck in my ‘monkey mind’ as Rochelle calls it. My passions for health, fitness and creativity have literally boomed in two weeks, after being stuck at a plateau for ages.

Mindspo is more than a meditation course and I love how easy and accessible it is, watching & doing the short tutorial clips in the comfort of my home.

If you’re feeling like your mind is controlling you, like mine was, then I would highly recommend this course to you.”

Steph Gabriel
Owner & Designer
Ocean Zen Bikini

“I never felt stronger before, I can deal with heavy situations and a lot of pressure on myself much better than ever in my life!”

I cannot express my thankfulness enough, meditation already helped me so much: it calms me down, prepares me for awesome days and I am sure it will help me along my way in anxious situations and changes in life!

As a rather anxious person I want to travel the world next summer with less fear and a calm mind ♡ It is hard to describe: I think I could have dealt with these situations without practising meditation, but it’s a completely different quality of life feeling the strength in myself and being able to control that little monkey in my head!


Read on to find out more.


Meditation allows us to directly participate in our lives instead of living life as an afterthought.

If you’re here, we’re guessing that you’ve tried to fix some of these problems before.

Maybe you’ve asked others for help, tried to ponder your way to a solution, attempted to self-educate and read and read and read all you can possibly read in the hopes of stumbling across a solution.

But all that stuff ever achieved was adding more and more thoughts to your already overactive mind. Major. Fail.

That’s understandable. There are many people and businesses trying to tell you they have the answer to ever-lasting, ever-after happiness, but most of these so-called solutions are just band-aids that don’t deal with the core of the issue: our thoughts.

Conditions of the mind, like stress, anxiety, depression, negativity and over-thinking, cannot be solved by doing more, they can only be helped by doing less.


Meditation applies the brakes to the mind.

“Meditation is the most effortless activity you can do, it is even less effort than thinking! Seriously.”

We know you might have heard meditation is only for monks with the attention span of, heck we don’t even know, but something hardcore and unbreakable. But it’s not. At all.

Meditation is an ancient technique that has been used for thousands of years. Following simple steps, which you can put into practice anywhere, anytime, meditation helps alleviate the symptoms of erratic, irrational and overactive thinking. Because believe us, we’ve been there.

The Mindspo Meditation Method was created by Rochelle Fox, who’s had her own struggles with mental health.

Her daily challenges with Depression, Anxiety and PTSD saw her pursue many treatment options unsuccessfully, until she discovered this effortless technique.

Wildly passionate to share the practise that changed her life, Rochelle became a certified Teacher through the International Meditation Teachers Association to help spread the word.

Are you struggling through hard times?
Start your journey with meditation today.

“True happiness is to enjoy the present, without anxious dependence upon the future.”

Meditation as a tool for a better life

Meditation as a lifehack

The truth is that when life sucks, it’s not just about what’s happening, it’s also about what we think about what’s happening. So often the problems and negative emotions we face are directly connected to our thoughts.

Or, better put, the overactivity of our thoughts leads to us experiencing emotional lows.

But we know, through trial, error and a whole lot of research, that one of the best ways to fix over-thinking is to learn and practise meditation.

“Life is not as serious as the mind makes it out to be.”



If you’re squinting and feeling a little suspicious right now, don’t worry. Even though you might have heard the term before, there’s still a lot of confusion about what exactly meditation is and how it can help you become a better version of you.

So let’s start with what meditation is not. It’s not holing up in a cave for years on end to sit, lotus position, on the floor and chant nonsensically. It’s not about becoming religious. It’s not something only older people do, or serious people do, or weird people do.


Some think meditation is mental concentration. Others think it’s visualisation or focusing on something that gives us peace and satisfaction. Some think it’s taking a moment to be quiet and ponder. And others still think it’s a religious practice from the east.

Some of these descriptions might come close, but they all miss the mark of what meditation actually is.

Meditation isn’t an activity. It’s a state of ‘thoughtless awareness’.

True meditation is a state of deep, unparalleled peace, where our mind becomes calm and quiet, but we are still completely alert and aware. It’s a state where we watch the chattering voice in our head, but are able to disconnect from it.

After a short period of time, our internal chatter gets less and less and we become more and more peaceful on the inside.

This peaceful state of mind makes you happier and healthier (research has proven it, over and over again) and with practice develops your control over your thoughts and emotions.

We meditate daily, or as often as we like, and it resets us back to that calm, centered and in-control inner state. We brush our teeth for dental hygiene, we meditate for mental hygiene.


Meet your teacher


“Before i found Meditation, i have to admit life sucked pretty hard, most of the time.

I suffered from frequent panic attacks, chronic depression and debilitating anxiety. My mind was just all over the shop and running overtime at that.

I tried so many things to help myself, but nothing really got to the core, that is until i finally discovered
the amazing practise of Meditation.

Meditation literally saved my life.
It’s improved my life in ways i can’t even describe and i can’t wait teach you what i’ve learned so you can experience it for yourself.”

– Rochelle Fox

Rochelle is a certified IMTA teacher




“It feels good. Kinda like when you have to shut your computer down, just sometimes when it goes crazy, you just shut it down and when you turn it on, it’s okay again. That’s what meditation is to me.”


Is the Mindspo Meditation Method for me?

Not sure if meditation is for you? No worries.
Have a read through the following statements
and see if they feel right for you.

+ You want to remain unshaken by the world around you,
be fully present and participate IN the moment.

+ You want to be less affected by anxiety, stress and sadness.

+ You are ready for consistently awesome sleep each night, improved concentration and memory every day and an abundance of energy and confidence on demand.

+ You want to be able to sit, be still, peaceful, and just ‘be’
(without giving in to the urge to scroll through social media or feel like
your overactive mind is going to consume you).

+ You don’t want to be judged, you just want to be yourself,
but the best possible version of you.

+ It’s not about showing off, or standing out. Instead, you just want to be able
to flow with every situation, as if you’re made of water.

+ You’re ready for relationships that stick AND feel good.
Less pointless arguments and overreactions.

+ You’re not asking for life to be perfect. You just want to feel calmer,
more confident and more peaceful no matter what challenges life throws at you

+ You want to learn and practise the daily success habit that A-Listers,
CEO’s, Scholars, Entrepreneurs and Leaders
are already doing.

MEDITATION – Good enough for these losers


Good enough for these losers

The punchline

The Mindspo Meditation Method is a four-week video course that allows you to learn and master the basics of meditation to feel stronger, calmer, healthier and BETTER in every possible way.

Created and led by Rochelle Fox and the Mindspo team, you’ll be guaranteed
of an adventure that’s zero B.S., easy to follow and undeniably practical.


+ Yep, you got it, how to meditate, including why, when and where
(hint: anywhere is a good start!)

+ What happens to your brain during meditation.

+ The correct sitting position and posture to meditate in.

+ To audit your Information Diet
(i.e. all of the content you’re flooded with each day).

+ How to gain awareness of your thoughts and find your ‘Why?’.

+ How to harness meditation to reduce anxiety, stress and other negative emotions.

+ The secret to tuning out distractions and noises.

+ How to amp up your meditation practice with mantras and gratitude.

+ The key to group meditation and amplifying the signal.

+ How to boost your immune system so you get sick less (and awesome more).

+ more!


Learn Meditation Online with our simple Video Course.

Watch simple & short instructional videos to become a Meditation Pro in just 4 weeks.

Join the over 1000 Students so far who've experienced the life changing effects.

Only a one-time payment of $75US to learn this priceless skill.

Register now, the online course starts January 1st.


Free trial? Try our 5 Minute Beginners Meditation here.


Is Meditation hard to learn?

No, it’s easy to learn and very simple.

The part that’s challenging is actually understanding what you’re doing in the first place, because our minds are so overactive before we start, that it makes it hard to grasp the concept of calming it down.

This is why the Mindspo Course is written and presented in a modern and down to earth way, so everyone can understand it and effortlessly apply it to their life.

How is Meditation different from relaxation?

When we meditate we experience a deep state of rest that is deeper than sleep, and deeper than just relaxing. When you’re relaxing your mind is still going, throwing one thought at you after another, which consumes energy.

During Meditation you go beyond your thoughts, and your Brain actually enters different Brain Wave states that are otherwise unaccessible to you in your everyday headspace.

Is Meditation a religious practise?

There’s a lot of misconception here. Meditation originates from places that have strong Religious imagery and practises, but the method itself has nothing to do with any of it.

The Mindspo Meditation Method is better defined as a ‘brain hack’ or a ‘thought management tool’ to help us combat overthinking. This is a practical tool for the human mind, with no religious affiliation whatsoever.

As Eckhardt Tolle once said “Overthinking is like a mental illness, but because everyone has it we just think of it as normal”.

I don’t think i can do this.
I have too many thoughts.

Having too many thoughts isn’t a valid excuse, because it’s the reason we do it in the first place. Everyone has too many thoughts, 50,000+ a day on average in fact.

If you have a Brain and thoughts, then you have all that is needed to Meditate. It can take a few practices to get used to the procedure, but once you’re doing it, Meditation is one of the most effortless things you can do. To think is literally more effort than to meditate.

Will i have access to the videos once the 4 weeks are up?

Yes, you pay a One-Time fee of only $75, and for that you get lifetime access to the videos, so you can come back and remind yourself anytime you feel the need.

We also recommend downloading the guided meditation audio clips to your phone, that way you have them there anytime you’d like to use them. There is a download link for the .mp3 file below each clip.

How long do you Meditate for? I’m very busy so might not have the time.

20minutes will give you the max amount of benefit, which is usually enough time for your mind to settle right down.

That said, you can also meditate for a shorter period of time (5min, 10min) and you will still feel the effects.

In terms of being too busy, research shows you’ll be 2 hours more productive on a day you start with Meditation, so you get plenty back in return.

What do i get for my $75?

For a one-time fee of USD$75 you will get lifetime access to our 4 week Video Course. It’s made up of 32 Videos and 4 guided meditation clips, that progressively unlock over a 4 week period. Each week you’ll build on the last weeks videos, to advance your practise and embed meditation as a lifelong habit.

For this small fee you will learn the ancient secret to happiness, serenity & optimum mental health. Small price, huge benefits. What we teach is often offered for $500 – $1000+, but we want this to spread and for as many people as possible to learn, which is why we’ve made it very affordable.

You’ll also be able to download our guided meditations in mp3 format to your phone, if you’d like to do it on the go. Though our course is designed for you to learn meditation in a way where you won’t need any recording, just your mind. Complete freedom to meditate, anytime, anywhere.

Where & when do i Meditate?

The amazing thing about Meditation is that once you’ve learned it, you can do it anywhere, anytime, because it’s so effortless and requires nothing more than your existing mind & body.

We do recommend having a morning meditation session if possible, because it’s great starting the day with a clean slate, and its also easier to do because the days events aren’t yet in the forefront of your mind.

What happens if i miss a day of Meditation?

Not much, expect that you’ll keep accumulating more and more thoughts. It’s just like leaving your computer running for longer before doing a restart, it will become more overworked as time goes on from all the processes running in the background. You’ll become less present and more easily stressed with the mounting data floating through your mind.

If you miss a day, just meditate again at the next opportunity to get back on that horse. This isn’t about having a perfect streak.

If Meditation is so easy, why does it take 4 weeks to learn?

The actual method is easy. Creating a new habit however, is hard. Being consistent is a struggle for most people (think of New Years Resolutions) especially when it involves taking time out of your already busy day.

That’s why we’ve broken the course down into 4 weeks, to increase the chances of you successfully applying this to your life for the long term.

We’re starting with a very small daily commitment of just 5 minutes a day and building it up over the 4 weeks to the full 20 minute routine.


While meditating we’re simply seeing what the mind has been doing all along.


Lifetime Access to the course and guided meditations that you can use over and over again.

Weekly videos designed to progressively build up your knowledge and understanding of meditation.

A course designed to form a habit, as well as teaches you How, Why, When and Where to meditate.

The ability to ask questions to Rochelle and the Mindspo team and have access to an ever growing Q&A section on Meditation and Mindfulness.

Weekly challenges to fuel your inner peace fire.

Plus the course progressively unlocks over a four-week period so you’ll never feel overwhelmed or unsure about what to do and when to do it.


Learn Meditation Online with our simple Video Course.

Watch simple & short instructional videos to become a Meditation Pro in just 4 weeks.

Join the over 1000 Students so far who've experienced the life changing effects.

Only a one-time payment of $75US to learn this priceless skill.

Register now, the online course starts January 1st.


Free trial? Try our 5 Minute Beginners Meditation here.