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Recent Episode Show Notes

Your Host

App founder / Speaker Meditation Teacher Entrepreneur

Rochelle Fox

Your Host

App founder / Speaker Meditation Teacher Entrepreneur

Rochelle Fox

Multiple App founder
Designer / Artist
Meditation teacher
Serial Entrepreneur

Chris Soll

Your Co-host

Every Monday

Looking for a non-gatekeeping bestie on all things manifestation, spirituality and how to create your dream reality?

Don’t miss these bite-sized Monday episodes designed to inspire action.

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Manifestation Mondays

Episode length 15-30 mins

The Program


Get in Rochelle’s head as she shares the highs, lows, and ah-ha moments of her healing and conscious entrepreneurship journey.

Expect major takeaways, actionable insights, and unfiltered updates.

Inside the mind of Fox

Episode length 30-60 mins


Join Fox as she gets inside the mind of thought leaders, influencers and experts in spirituality, mental health, wellness, conscious business and everything in between.

Listen in as Fox asks the questions you want answers to so you can elevate your life with expert advice.

Inside the mind of (Insert Guest)

Episode length 30-60 mins



Anything goes with these unfiltered episodes.

Join Mindspo co-founders and lovers as they open up and discuss anything and everything in the realm of mental health, spirituality, entrepreneurship and navigating a 12-year relationship while running multiple businesses.

Deep Dives with the Solls

Episode length 30-60 mins

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