Entering the Soft Girl Era: Megan Rose Lane’s Story of Transcending Pain, Embodying Purpose, and Unleashing Inner Power [ep. 17]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Are you struggling to find balance between strength and vulnerability in a society that leans heavily on masculinity? This episode with Megan Rose Lane might be just what you need. In our profound conversation, Megan reveals her journey from experiencing hardships such as an eating disorder and victim mentality to discovering a spiritual journey infused with purpose and fulfilment.

Join us as we delve into various topics, including the divine feminine, the healing impact of dance, and how to step into your own ‘Soft Girl Era’. We unpack the ways in which society has tipped the scale towards masculinity, inviting you to explore a balance between the energies within you.

Tune in to learn about Megan’s transformation, the lessons she’s learned, and how these experiences have shaped her as a mother and individual. Allow Megan’s resilience and the transformative power of her authenticity to inspire and empower you on your journey.

Meet Megan:

Megan Rose Lane is a spiritual mentor, space holder, and women’s coach. She empowers women to break through fears and limitations by harnessing their inner power and aligning with their soul truth. Megan Rose Lane is a loving mother and speaker who celebrates the unfiltered reality of being a woman.

Megan is the founder of The Empress Retreats, she runs online workshops and holds powerful in-person events and women’s circles for deep healing and transformation.

Topics covered on spiritual growth:

  • Megan’s journey from pain to purpose
  • Understanding and embodying the ‘Soft Girl Era’
  • The importance of self-honesty in personal growth
  • The power of dance in healing and self-expression
  • Reclaiming and celebrating the divine feminine

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Entering the Soft Girl Era: Megan Rose Lane’s Story of Transcending Pain, Embodying Purpose, and Unleashing Inner Power [ep. 17]

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