Transitioning from 20s to 30s: Ashton Wood on Quitting the 9-5, Relocating Abroad, and Taking Risks [ep. 23]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In this episode, I’m joined by my old friend and fellow podcaster Asthon Wood as we dive into a conversation about navigating the turbulence of your twenties and entering your thirties. 

I first met Asthon in Bali back in 2018, introduced through our mutual friend Cartia Mallan. I frame Asthon as someone who has really taken risks and is living a big life, which is why I’m so excited to have her as a guest on the podcast. Her story of going after her dreams is truly inspiring, and I know you’re going to love hearing from her.

During our conversation, Asthon shares her own experiences and insights as she’s approaching her thirties, touching on topics like heartbreak, friendships, and the importance of taking risks and embracing new opportunities. We also delve into the challenges Asthon faced when she moved from Australia to London, discussing her feelings of homesickness and isolation and the routines and habits she uses to prioritise her mental well-being during those times.

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone, discover the resilience within you, and embrace your own unique path, then all you have to do is press play and listen to this episode!

Topics Covered On Life Transitions:

  • Ashton’s advice to her younger self
  • Quitting a 9-5 with no savings and going for your big dreams
  • How to heal and empower yourself after heartbreak
  • How Asthon and Cartia Mallan started Common Chaos The Podcast and navigate the ups and downs of being besties in business
  • The art of intentional drinking and how to navigate peer pressure when trying to drink less
  • A rundown of Ashton’s routines and rituals to prioritise her well-being
  • Using spirituality and astrology for personal growth

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Transitioning from 20s to 30s: Ashton Wood on Quitting the 9-5, Relocating Abroad, and Taking Risks [ep. 23]

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