The Lack Trap That Could Be Holding You Back [ep. 26]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever felt like competition is standing between you and your dreams? In this episode, I’m tackling this tricky subject, exploring how competition affects our lives, our ability to reach our goals, and how it can sometimes lead us off track. The truth is, we all deal with competition, but realising its impact is key to overcoming it.

Join me as I dive into the importance of seeing ourselves as worthy of our dreams and identifying the areas where competition sneaks into our lives. I’ll also discuss how competition can bring our self-doubts into the spotlight and offer actionable steps to help you overcome those limiting beliefs and move closer to the life you want. 

Tune into this episode to explore the subtle layers of competition, its role in our lives, and how we can conquer it to manifest our deepest desires. Don’t let competition stand in your way – listen in and learn how to transcend these limiting beliefs, turn your perceived competitors into allies, and step into your power.

Topics covered on Transforming Competition into Collaboration:

  • Recognising the role of a competitive mindset in your manifestation journey
  • Transforming competition into collaboration by viewing competitors as allies and sources of inspiration
  • Identifying and overcoming limiting beliefs that arise from competition
  • Practical steps to manage competition, reach your goals and manifest your desires

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The Lack Trap That Could Be Holding You Back [ep. 26]

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