4 Mindset Shifts to 10x Your Life in 2024 [ep. 71]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Hey Mindspo Fam!

Did you miss me? Because boy, did I miss you.

I just posted our first podcast episode of 2024, and it feels incredible to be back on the mic after an unplanned holiday break. Today, I’m returning to the podcast world, rested, inspired, and with a whole new mindset.

Taking a break over the last few weeks gave me time to reflect, and I’m ready to level up in all areas of life in 2024. I’m looking at life through the lens of optimisation, systems, and expansion. This year, it’s all about working smart, not hard.

If, like me, you want to live a life of abundance, happiness, and expansion, surrounded by a community that wants you to win, this episode is for you.

In the episode, I’m sharing the four key strategies I’m currently implementing to 10x my life in 2024. Reflecting on how I do things and what works, I’m breaking down four mindset shifts that could change the game for you.

One of our goals with the Mindspo Podcast is always to cut down your learning curve. I want to be that non-gatekeeping friend who shares what works and doesn’t, ready to guide you through this personal growth and entrepreneurship journey.

I’m so excited to continue expanding with you this year, being your cheerleader and personal development bestie. So without further ado, just hit play and tune into the episode!

PS: Mark your calendars for next Tuesday, the 16th of January. I have my biggest announcement yet! Remember that secret project I’ve been teasing for months? Well, I finally got the green light to spill the beans, and I’ll be sharing all the details on next week’s episode.

Topics Covered On Upleveling Your Life in 2024:

  • The power of identity-based manifestation 
  • Girl bossing VS Girl resting, leveraging & investing 
  • Why community is everything and how to start cultivating it
  • Four action steps to 10x your life in 2024 
  • BIG announcement coming on January 16th!

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4 Mindset Shifts to 10x Your Life in 2024 [ep. 71]

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