Astrology 101 with Sarah from She Sees The Stars: Understanding Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, When to Manifest with the Moon & Your Souls Blueprint [ep. 5]



In this lifetime, we’re all trying to figure out who we are, where we came from, and what we’re meant for. This is why I’m so excited to share with you the amazing work of Sarah Thomas.

Sarah (aka She Sees The Stars) is an incredible astrologer and a guiding light in understanding the depths of astrology. If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll be treated to regular doses of her insightful teachings, where she breaks down the process of finding harmony in the cosmos and connecting with the energy that influences our lives on a deeper level. Her ability to simplify the various elements that make up astrology really makes it accessible to all. 

Today, she joins me on the podcast for a massive discussion about astrology basics, birth charts, Mercury retrograde, Saturn returns, and the best time to manifest. Our conversation will help you understand why you may sometimes feel a little “off-kilter” and show you the cosmic insights that validate who you are at your core. 

Are you ready to make sense of your current journey in Earth School and finally understand why you are the way you are? If so, then let’s dive in! 

What is Astrology?

Astrology is an ancient science that has been utilised for centuries to understand the patterns of the cosmos and their impact on our lives. Often misunderstood as simple horoscope readings, astrology is much more complex and deeply rooted in the study of the movement of the planets. Astrologers, like Sarah, examine the positions of planets and their interactions with various constellations to predict the energies and themes that emerge on Earth. For instance, the ancients discovered that when the Moon or Saturn occupied certain positions, specific emotions or events, like pandemics, would occur. While some may dismiss astrology as “woo-woo”, it is, in fact, a well-grounded approach to understanding the profound connection between the planets and our experiences on Earth.

The Different Facets of a Birth Chart

Most people only know about their sun sign, but there’s a lot more to astrology than that. Your birth chart shows all the different parts of your unique astrological picture. It includes things like your sun sign, moon sign, and where other planets were at the moment you were born. Each of these planets has its own traits and affects different parts of your personality and feelings. For example, Venus is considered to be a very feminine energy, while Mars is considered to be a very masculine energy. Depending on where they are in your chart, you might have different ways of expressing your inner feminine and masculine. A birth chart is like a puzzle with many pieces, and each one tells you something different about yourself.

It’s important to look at your complete birth chart because sometimes your sun sign doesn’t tell the whole story. For instance, your sun sign might be in Libra, but if you have nine planets in Aries, you might not identify that much with your Libra placement. Looking at the birth chart as a whole helps you understand yourself better because it shows how all these different pieces fit together. 

The Importance of Knowing Your Exact Birth Time

You can find out your birth chart by entering your birthdate, location, and birth time into one of the many birth chart calculators that are available online. Knowing the precise minute of your birth is essential in creating an accurate birth chart because it captures the unique imprint of the sky at the moment you enter the world. Since the Earth is constantly moving and spinning, the position of the planets and stars changes throughout the day. This means that someone born at 8:00 AM will have a different astrological imprint than someone born at 8:00 PM.

By knowing your exact birth time, astrologers can create a detailed map of the sky that reflects the positions and relationships of the planets at that specific moment. Each planet has its own personality or archetype, influencing different aspects of your life. For example, Venus is the goddess, Mars is the God of war, and Saturn represents karma and tough love. By understanding the placements of these planets in your chart, you can gain insight into where things are lucky and beautiful for you, and in which areas of your life you’ll experience challenges and difficulties. 

Navigating Life with Astrology: Choice or Fate?

I asked Sarah whether astrology implies that our lives are predetermined by the stars or if we have the power to shape our own reality. Sarah answered that, above all, “the universe supports our soul’s evolution”. Astrology believes in reincarnation, so it believes that we come here to Earth School to work through different cosmic lessons. Astrology can showcase to you what your cosmic lessons are. By studying our astrological charts, we gain a deeper understanding of our tendencies, traumas, and gifts, which empowers us to make conscious choices about how we navigate our lives. With this knowledge, we can work through these lessons and make choices that align with our soul’s growth. So while astrology can provide valuable insights into our character, strengths, and challenges, it ultimately serves as a tool for self-awareness rather than a blueprint for a fixed destiny. Your birth chart offers guidance and self-awareness, but what you choose to do with that is your free will. 

Using Astrology to Soften Judgment

According to Sarah, astrology can be a powerful tool in fostering non-judgment and empathy in our relationships with others. By recognising that each astrological sign has its unique strengths and weaknesses, we can better appreciate the diversity and contributions of other people in our lives. This understanding allows us to see beyond stereotypes and acknowledge that everyone is living out their own unique blueprint, pitching into the recipe of humanity. Each sign has its higher expression and shadow archetype, and by embracing these differences, we can soften our judgments and foster a deeper understanding of one another. Ultimately, astrology encourages us to accept and appreciate the variety of soul expressions, which can lead to greater forgiveness and acceptance of others, as well as ourselves.

Exploring Astrology’s Elements: Earth, Fire, Water, and Air

Sarah introduced to us the different elements of astrology – Earth, Fire, Water, and Air. The 12 astrological signs are grouped into these four elements, each with its own unique characteristics. 

Earth signs: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

Earth signs are grounded in the material world and value practicality. They like building and cultivating things, whether it be a house or an empire. Earth signs deeply appreciate the material world and money, and there should be no shame around that for them. Earth signs are reliable, responsible, and can be counted on to keep their feet on the ground. They are excellent organisers and are great at ensuring that things run smoothly. Virgo individuals are known for their attention to detail, organisation, and efficiency. Maturing very early, Capricorns are empire builders, and they are very reliable and responsible. Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning they appreciate the material world’s beauty. They love money and sensuality and enjoy luxury environments.

Fire signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries 

People with fire signs tend to be passionate and desire-driven. Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius individuals are very assertive and love to teach, learn, and travel. Aries, on the other hand, is a fiery and impulsive sign, known for its fast-moving and energetic nature. Ruled by Mars, Aries individuals are typically sexual and portray quite masculine energy. Leo, on the other hand, is ruled by the Sun and is all about expression. Leo individuals want to shine and be seen and can often be found in creative fields such as acting and theater, Overall, fire signs bring passion and energy to the world and inspire those around them with their enthusiasm and drive.

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Water signs are known for their spiritual connection as well as their deep emotional intuition. Just like water, they want to flow and express themselves emotionally. They tend to be very in tune with both their own and other people’s emotions, often displaying great empathy and sensitivity. Cancer individuals are nurturing and caring, often expressing their emotions through culinary experiences. Pisces have a dreamy and spiritual nature but may struggle with boundary issues due to their empathetic tendencies. Scorpio’s emotional depth and psychic nature make them excellent psychologists or investigators, yet they can be prone to paranoia and vindictiveness when hurt. 

Air Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius 

Air signs are known for their analytical and intellectual nature, often looking at things from a big-picture perspective. Aquarius individuals tend to feel very connected to the future. They are unique and different, always looking to show us new ways of doing things. Gemini individuals, on the other hand, are usually multi-talented, excellent communicators with a great sense of humor. Libra’s, ruled by the feminine planet Venus, are often drawn to aesthetics and beauty. At the same time, Libra’s connection to justice leads to an ability to empathise with both sides of a situation.

Empowering Yourself Through Understanding Your Trauma

Sarah shared that her favourite part of astrology is that your birth chart shows your trauma. When you dive into the birth chart, you can see your past lives, their themes, and what you’re here to work on. The accuracy of our trauma in your birth chart, whether that’s anxiety, or mental health stuff, is very profound. This can really validate for you that you’re doing nothing wrong and that you’re just going through the motions of your blueprint. You can’t erase those placements, but it can be very validating to know that this is part of something your soul designed to help you evolve. 

The universe is far more concerned with our evolution than our comfort. Rather than feeling like a victim of our circumstances, astrology empowers us to become conscious, empowered creators of our reality. Living from a belief system of victimhood only reinforces that energy in our external reality. When we recognise that our trauma was written in the stars by ourselves as a soul having a human experience, we can reframe our experiences as opportunities to grow and evolve. By choosing to respond to life’s challenges in a conscious way and on our own terms, we become empowered to rewrite our own story, creating our own reality. Astrology helps us see that all external events and themes are portals for us to walk through and that we have the power to choose the narrative in our heads.

Mastering Mercury Retrograde

You might have heard other people say something like, “Uh oh, Mercury is about to go into retrograde again!” If you don’t know much about astrology, you might wonder what that means. This particular astrological event seems to get a lot of attention, but let’s break it down to understand its impact.

Mercury is a planet that is connected to the mental realm and our day-to-day communication. About three times a year, Mercury changes direction and appears to be moving backward in relation to Earth. Since the archetype of Mercury is connected to communication, it can mean that from our perspective on Earth, the realms of communication are going backward. This can lead to misunderstandings, technology breakdowns, and other inconveniences. However, this period is also an invitation to shift our focus from the mental realm to a more embodied experience in the present moment. 

As Mercury is going backward, connections to our past often resurface. You might hear from a past lover, or you’ll bump into someone you haven’t seen in ages. This is the universe actually inviting you to revisit unresolved matters. By becoming more conscious of these astrological transits, we can use Mercury retrograde as a time for introspection, growth, and even completing unfinished projects, while embracing self-care practices such as meditation and breathwork to help navigate this cosmic turbulence. 

Saturn Return: A Time for Growth and Transformation

Another astrological event that can bring about profound changes in our lives is your Saturn return. But what is it, and should we be scared of it? Picture Saturn as your strict, yet loving grandfather who wants the best for you, by helping you grow and mature. Saturn takes around 30 years to go around the sun, marking major milestones in our lives when it returns to the position it held at the time of our birth.

Even though Saturn returns can be challenging, they are also essential periods of growth and transformation. As we experience our first Saturn return, we transition from being a girl to being a woman. When we experience our second return around the age of 60, we enter into the wise woman phase, which often lines up with retirement. 

During a Saturn return, we’re called to review our lives and decide which aspects we’ll carry forward into the next chapter. This process can feel like a death and rebirth portal, as we must let go of things that no longer serve us. Sometimes, the universe even steps in to remove certain elements from our lives, which can be uncomfortable if we’re not ready for change.

Saturn returns often happen during major life events, such as moving to another country, having a baby, getting married, or even going through a divorce. These moments serve as  opportunities for us to grow and get ready for the next phase of our lives. 

Lunar Wisdom: Manifesting with the Moon’s Power

When it comes to manifesting, it’s important to consider the astrological factors at play. For example, you may wonder whether you should manifest during an eclipse or Mercury retrograde. These celestial events each carry their own unique energies that can impact your intentions.

During Mercury retrograde, our minds tend to focus on the past, making it less favourable for starting something new. If you start something new during this time, this could lead to overlooked details or a change in perspective once the retrograde ends. As for eclipses, they bring darkness to the Earth, which can be considered unlucky. When you’re manifesting during an eclipse, you’re tapping into some unpredictable energies. 

Instead, harness the power of the lunar cycles for your manifestation practice. When we have a new moon, this marks the beginning of a new lunar cycle and is an ideal time to plant seeds and set intentions. Full moons, on the other hand, are a time of illumination, where things hidden in the shadows come to light. It’s a time for releasing energy, emotional expression, and letting go of what no longer serves you. By understanding and aligning with the distinct energies of eclipses, retrogrades, and lunar cycles, you can optimise your manifesting practices and tap into your inner magic more effectively. Embrace the new moon as a potent time for manifestation and utilise the full moon for release and reflection.

Aligning Launches and Big Projects with the Stars for Success

Launching a project, like a podcast or a business, can be more successful when aligned with the stars. Just as swimmers check tides before hitting the beach, you can consult astrology to determine the best timing to launch your new project.

As you now know, the motion of planets, whether moving forward or backward and their proximity to Earth, can impact the energies we experience. For instance, when challenging planets like Saturn and Pluto are close together, this can bring about difficulties and restrictions. In contrast, when beneficial planets like Jupiter and Venus are in conjunction, this creates beautiful energy for lucky outcomes, so it’s a good time to dive into your projects and ride the wave of positive energy the universe offers. 

Astrology guides us on our personal journey, helping us become whole and capable of handling any challenges that come our way. Instead of handing over a map with a fixed destination, astrologers provide us with insights to work on our personal challenges. This way, we’re in control of our own paths and feel empowered to make the best choices for our personal growth and happiness.

Meet Sarah:

Sarah Thomas (aka She Sees The Stars) is a renewed artist, writer, intuitive astrologer, and spiritual teacher based in Bali. Sarah blends her deep knowledge of the cosmos with powerful self-development practices, tangible spiritual tools, psychology-based principles, and profound intuitive insights, to offer rare insight and guidance on this journey of life. She has hosted powerful cosmic retreats in Bali, Tulum, Greece, and featured at events in Costa Rica, Miami, and Denver, Colorado, and teaches astrology and cosmic consciousness through various online courses and programs.

As a clear vessel of the cosmos, she is here to guide those seeking a deeper truth, providing clarity around purpose, and invaluable guidance on how to live an empowered, heart-fulfilling life of passion and soul alignment.

Topics covered on Astrology 101:

  • What is astrology and what does an astrologist do
  • Explanation of your birth chart as a whole
  • Why it’s so important to know your exact birth time
  • Are our lives truly written in the stars
  • The different elements of astrology: fire, earth, air, and water
  • How can we learn about trauma through our birth chart
  • How we can use the stars to step out of our victim mentality
  • The 411 on Mercury Retrograde
  • When is the best time to manifest
  • What is a Saturn Return

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Astrology 101 with Sarah from She Sees The Stars: Understanding Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, When to Manifest with the Moon & Your Souls Blueprint [ep. 5]

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