Astrology 101 with Sarah from She Sees The Stars: Understanding Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, When to Manifest with the Moon & Your Souls Blueprint [ep. 5]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

If you have no clue about the power of astrology and how it can help you navigate this world while feeling crazily aligned with who you are at your core, then this episode should be bookmarked to come back to as you move through this journey. If you are already very aware of this realm of ancient science and love indulging in the habits of the cosmos, you are going to revel in all of Sarah’s infinite and magical wisdom.

We dived deep into the importance of looking at your birth chart as a whole, understanding the universe and divine timing, and how it all plays a part in how you live out your current journey on Earth. This massive discussion about astrology, birth charts, Mercury Retrograde, Saturn Returns, and the best time to manifest will help you understand why you may feel a little “off-kilter” and show you the science that validates who you are at your core.

Ready to make sense of your current journey in Earth School? Are you ready to rewire your karma in this lifetime? Are you ready to finally understand why you are the way you are? Then don’t miss a beat and listen to this magical episode!

Meet Sarah:

Sarah Thomas (aka She Sees The Stars) is a renewed artist, writer, intuitive astrologer, and spiritual teacher based in Bali. Sarah blends her deep knowledge of the cosmos with powerful self-development practices, tangible spiritual tools, psychology-based principles, and profound intuitive insights, to offer rare insight and guidance on this journey of life. She has hosted powerful cosmic retreats in Bali, Tulum, Greece, and featured at events in Costa Rica, Miami, and Denver, Colorado, and teaches astrology and cosmic consciousness through various online courses and programs.

As a clear vessel of the cosmos, she is here to guide those seeking a deeper truth, providing clarity around purpose, and invaluable guidance on how to live an empowered, heart-fulfilling life of passion and soul alignment.

Topics covered:

  • What is astrology and what does an astrologist do
  • Explanation of your birth chart as a whole
  • Why it’s so important to know your exact birth time
  • Are our lives truly written in the stars
  • The different elements of astrology: fire, earth, air, and water
  • How can we learn about trauma through our birth chart
  • How we can use the stars to step out of our victim mentality
  • The 411 on Mercury Retrograde
  • When is the best time to manifest
  • What is a Saturn Return

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Astrology 101 with Sarah from She Sees The Stars: Understanding Eclipses, Mercury Retrograde, When to Manifest with the Moon & Your Souls Blueprint [ep. 5]

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