The Power of Joy and How to Find JOY in the Journey – Manifesting Through Your Childlike Essence with Fox and Soll [ep. 14]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever wondered if joy could be the secret ingredient to living your best life? In this episode of the Mindspo Podcast, Chris Soll and I dive into the importance of joy, an emotion that’s not just about being happy all the time, but one that can unlock our life purpose and enhance our manifestation journey. 

Now, here’s a fun fact about us: Soll and I like to see life as a game, a cosmic game, and joy? That’s the magic potion that keeps us going. We talk about how a childlike sense of wonder and playfulness leads to an expansion in creativity, and alignment with your true, authentic self. If you’re curious about turning life into a more joyful, playful experience, this episode is for you.

We share our tips on how to invite more joy into your daily life and how to lighten up, even when life seems to be throwing curveballs at you. It’s all about shifting perspective, understanding that the journey IS the destination, and allowing yourself to embrace the present moment. So tune in, and explore this often overlooked, yet powerful part of our emotional toolkit.

Topics Covered On Joyful Living:

  • Understanding the concept and importance of joy
  • Exploring the connection between joy and life fulfilment
  • The role of joy in the manifestation process
  • Practical strategies for integrating joy into daily life
  • The impact of embracing joy on personal growth and transformation

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The Power of Joy and How to Find JOY in the Journey – Manifesting Through Your Childlike Essence with Fox and Soll [ep. 14]

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