Alex Hayes on Finding Flow, the Power of Meditation, and How to Live Daily [ep. 29]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Do you ever feel like life is slipping by without truly experiencing it in the moment?  In today’s episode, I chat with Alex Hayes – a pro surfer, DJ, influencer, and mental health advocate – about the power of being present and achieving a state of flow. We delve into his multifaceted life, touching on everything from his passions to his philosophy of ‘Living Daily’. 

So, what’s in store for you in this episode? Alex opens up about his journey from a challenging childhood to how he discovered his passion for hydrofoiling and other extreme sports. He talks about personal losses that impacted his life and how these experiences guided his approach to living in the moment.

We also dive into topics like managing ADHD, overcoming personal fears, and how to strike a healthy balance with digital technology. Throughout the episode, Alex provides real, actionable insights from his experiences, such as how he has turned his ADHD into a strength, his strategies for facing fears, and tips for digital wellness.

We wrap up the episode with Alex’s perspectives on energy, purpose, and his experiences with sobriety. If you’re ready to learn more about living fully in the moment and finding your flow, press play for an insightful conversation about living life with intention and balance.

Topics Covered on Overcoming Adversity:

  • The impact of mindfulness and achieving flow states on mental health
  • The role of personal losses in shaping Alex’s ‘Live Daily’ philosophy
  • Unpacking his journey from a challenging childhood to finding passion in adulthood
  • Strategies for managing ADHD and turning it into a strength
  • How to overcome fear and build resilience
  • Practical advice for maintaining a healthy balance with digital technology
  • Alex’s perspective on energy, purpose, and his experiences with sobriety

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Alex Hayes on Finding Flow, the Power of Meditation, and How to Live Daily [ep. 29]

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