My Big Dreams Slow Living Era, Real Talk on Sober Life, Personal Growth & Business – Inside the Mind of Fox [ep. 33]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever feel like life is a constant juggle between personal growth, your career, and well-being? I’m right there with you, and this week, I’m trying something a little bit different. In this solo episode, I’m stepping away from the action steps and takeaways I usually provide, and instead, just opening up about what’s going on in my world. 

I’ve never really done an episode like this before, where I just sit down and chat about my life. But many of you have asked for more personal content, so here it is. I’m laying it all out – my year-long sober experiment, my mental health, and the exciting developments in my business projects, all approached with a “big dreams, slow living” mindset. 

But there’s more. I’m also opening up about the importance of good habits, my recent experiences in the fascinating world of lucid dreaming, why I’m leaving Bali and where I’ll be going next. It’s been quite a ride, and I can’t wait to take you along with me.

I hope that by sharing my journey, you can take away something you can apply to your own life. Let’s navigate life’s ups and downs together, and find the balance we all crave.

Topics covered on Balancing Life:

  • My year-long sober experiment 
  • Why I’m leaving Bali and where I’m going next
  • Juggling fast-paced business growth while embracing my big dreams, slow living era 
  • Falling back in love with DJing 
  • How I take care of my mental health to experience personal growth

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Mindspo is the podcast for curious minds and ambitious humans who want to dream big and live slow. It is here to guide you in living a life of magnetic alignment that feels good to you so you can reach your highest potential and achieve those BIG dreams without burning out in the process. 

We dive deep into conversations on personal growth, spirituality, wellness, manifestation, mental health, success, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get a dose of relatable and actionable insights into how to elevate your life and create your dream reality with clarity combining science & grounded spirituality.





My Big Dreams Slow Living Era, Real Talk on Sober Life, Personal Growth & Business – Inside the Mind of Fox [ep. 33]

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