From Pain to Purpose: How Meditation Changed EVERYTHING – The Story of Mindspo with Rochelle Fox & Chris Soll [ep. 1]



Here’s what to expect from this episode about pain to purpose:

In a society of highlight reels, you won’t get a platform more genuine than the one Chris and I are creating with this podcast. Ready to get to know us? And I mean, every facet of our soul? They say eyes are a window to the soul, yet the window to our souls is this episode right here. If you’re wanting raw, vulnerable, and real stories from those who have felt major pain and come out from the other side with purpose – we bare all in hopes that we can inspire that light at the end of the tunnel.

Both Chris and I dive really deep into our pasts and what had built us to be the kind of people who believe that meditation is medicine. At a time when the world was focused on Fitspo and how good your body can look; we knew to live your most desired reality starts with the mind and ends with the soul. Throughout this episode, we share our trauma story, our journey inside and outside of our relationship, and how Mindspo was birthed from the need to share what we have learned with the world.

Topics covered on pain to purpose:

  • How Mindspo came to be – the pain to purpose journey
  • Fox’s childhood trauma and pain story
  • What it’s like to live with PTSD
  • Chris’ childhood trauma and pain story
  • How meditation led to our spiritual awakening
  • Where Mindspo is now and what the future holds for the business and community

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More about the Mindspo Podcast:

Mindspo is the podcast for curious minds and ambitious humans who want to dream big and live slow. It is here to guide you in living a life of magnetic alignment that feels good to you so you can reach your highest potential and achieve those BIG dreams without burning out in the process. 

We dive deep into conversations on personal growth, spirituality, wellness, manifestation, mental health, success, and entrepreneurship. You’ll get a dose of relatable and actionable insights into how to elevate your life and create your dream reality with clarity combining science & grounded spirituality.





From Pain to Purpose: How Meditation Changed EVERYTHING – The Story of Mindspo with Rochelle Fox & Chris Soll [ep. 1]

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