Listen to This if You Have a Fear of Ageing [ep. 35]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In today’s episode, we’ll be delving into a topic I never expected to talk about on the podcast: Ageing. 

There’s this TikTok filter that shows you what you’d look like when you age – frown lines, pigmentation, jaws, eye bags, the whole grandma and grandpa package. It’s been freaking out a lot of people.

Even though I’m not in a hurry to look old, I’ve always had a bit of a unique and different view of ageing. When people hear what I think about getting older, they’re often like, “What’s going on with her?”

Join me in this episode as I share my perspective on embracing the magic of ageing and the mindset that helps me see the positive aspects of growing older. Ageing is a universal experience, and understanding its impact can help us appreciate life more deeply.

Don’t let the fear of ageing hold you back – listen in and learn how to celebrate each moment, turn challenges into opportunities, and embrace the journey of growing older with excitement.

Topics covered on Fear of Ageing:

  • Why I’m excited about getting older 
  • What’s an “The Best is Yet to Come” mindset? 
  • How to create an abundant vision for your future
  • My perspective on anti-ageing treatments 
  • Powerful mindset shifts to start embracing the positive aspects of ageing

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Listen to This if You Have a Fear of Ageing [ep. 35]

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