The Fine Line Between Gratitude and Appreciation & How This Nuance Helps You Raise Your Vibration [ep. 40]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Throughout the Mindspo Podcast‘s manifestation series, I’m always highlighting the important role joy plays in unlocking our manifesting potential. In the realm of personal development, when people talk about how to elevate your vibe and experience more joy, the topic of gratitude often arises. It’s a well-known concept – expressing gratitude boosts your mood and shifts your perspective.

However, in today’s episode, we’re focusing on a small nuance within gratitude. Yes, gratitude is incredible, and it can help us manifest more effectively. But gratitude isn’t always the easiest emotion to tap into.

In this episode, Soll and I delve into the topic of appreciation and how it differs from gratitude. We’re talking about the true essence of appreciation and how it helps you align with the things you want, making you a magnet for your dreams. We’re also explaining how this simple shift can help you transform negative feelings into positive ones.

If you’re ready to revamp your approach to manifesting, you’re going to LOVE this episode. Tune in, tap into the magic of appreciation, and get ready to supercharge your manifestation game.

Topics Covered On Gratitude and Appreciation:

  • The fine line between gratitude and appreciation
  • Why it’s easier to tap into the feeling of appreciation 
  • Using appreciation to flip the script and transform negative feelings into positive ones 
  • How you can level up your daily routine by infusing more moments of appreciation

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The Fine Line Between Gratitude and Appreciation & How This Nuance Helps You Raise Your Vibration [ep. 40]

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