Inner Child Healing Meditation: Reconnect with Your Past to Help Navigate Your Present – with Manifestie App [ep. 50]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Have you ever felt that some of life’s current challenges might be rooted in experiences from your past? Well, I certainly have.

I recently went through a challenging period with my mental health. What really helped me during this time was reconnecting with my inner child, digging into my childhood experiences to understand how they were influencing my present struggles.

As I delved into this introspective work, I was led back to one of my own meditations, one I recorded about a year ago – the Forgiveness Meditation in my app Manifestie. This meditation is a powerful tool for reconnecting with your inner child and forgiving that inner child for any emotional burdens you may still be carrying.

It’s truly fascinating how much anger, frustration, pain, suffering, and trauma we can unknowingly hold onto from our childhoods. When we’re young, we’re not always taught how to process these emotions, which can lead to suppression. But here’s the thing – you can always reconnect with your inner child. You can become the nurturing guardian that, at times, you may have needed.

In today’s episode, I want to take you on a journey – a journey to connect with your inner child. I recommend finding a comfortable and warm space, maybe even wrap yourself in a cozy blanket. It’s important to be somewhere where you can truly be alone, feel safe, and fully immerse yourself in the process of connecting with that childlike version of yourself.

So, when you’re ready, put in some headphones, close your eyes, and let’s begin.

Topics Covered On Inner Child Healing:

  • How connecting with your inner child can help you navigate current challenges
  • A powerful guided meditation to connect with your inner child

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Inner Child Healing Meditation: Reconnect with Your Past to Help Navigate Your Present – with Manifestie App [ep. 50]

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