Expansion VS Contraction: How to Feel Into Energy and Use Your Intuition to Navigate Life [ep. 52]



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As many of you might know, Bali has been my home for several years. It’s been a place of dreams, self-discovery, and immense personal growth. However, life is a series of chapters, and it’s time for me to turn the page. 

Today, I find myself on a plane back to Sydney, Australia, where my life first began. This decision might seem like a contraction, a return to the familiar. But for me, right now, it’s the most expansive thing I can do. It’s a homecoming that feels both comforting and daunting.

I left Australia six years ago in pursuit of a different life, a life I found in Bali. At the time, moving to Bali and becoming a digital nomad was the most expansive thing I could ever think of doing. I was going out on my own, creating my own path, and it was completely out of my comfort zone.

Bali, to me, was the spiritual Mecca. It was where all the coaches, healers, and teachers were, and it really allowed me to expand in the path of spiritual and personal development.

But now, my soul is calling for a different kind of expansion, one that involves rediscovering my roots. For some time now, I’ve been feeling like I’ve been contracting here. It feels like everything is getting smaller and smaller—my spirit, my creativity, everything feels a little dull.

It’s not because life in Bali is getting dull. No, Bali is still incredible and beautiful. It’s just that I’ve been here for so long that I’ve gotten really comfortable. I’m used to it and it’s not challenging me anymore, in my personal life or in my career. As a person, I’ve evolved, and where I’m at in my life right now and what I see as expansion isn’t in Bali.

This journey and this decision have made me reflect deeply on the concepts of expansion and contraction. These feelings are deeply personal and are completely up to us as individuals. In today’s world, there is so much noise around us and there are so many people giving us advice.

While I’m a believer in going out there, getting mentors, taking advice, and learning from other people to grow, I also think it’s crucial to use our gut and intuition. No one knows what’s right for you at this moment other than you. 

Something that really helps you navigate your own path, is learning to tune into the energy of expansion and contraction, which is what I’m talking about in today’s podcast episode.

Throughout the episode, we dive into the complexities of personal growth. We challenge the conventional narrative that growth is always linear and explore the beauty of embracing change in all its forms. It’s a reminder that our paths are unique, and what might seem like a step backward could, in fact, be the leap we need to propel us into a new phase of life.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the episode!

Topics Covered On How to Tap Into Your Intuition:

  • Expansion VS Contraction
  • Why this is such a personal experience 
  • Examples of expansion & contraction in Rochelle’s life 
  • How these energies change depending on where you’re at in life 
  • The importance of realising that you can always choose again
  • Practical tips to feel into the energies of expansion & contraction

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Expansion VS Contraction: How to Feel Into Energy and Use Your Intuition to Navigate Life [ep. 52]

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