Challenging Societal Expectations: Sophie Milner on Authenticity, Female Solo Travel, and Making Friends as an Adult [ep. 53]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever caught yourself sizing someone up based on appearances alone? As women in today’s world, it’s a trap we all find ourselves in – quick judgments formed from a passing glance on the street or a scroll through social media.

But let me introduce you to someone who is unafraid to challenge the stereotypes society throws our way.

Enter Sophie Milner, your not-so-typical fashion influencer from London. I stumbled upon her Instagram profile during one of my usual scrolls, hoping to find some fashion inspiration.

Sophie’s style game was on point, but what truly caught my eye was her bio: “Style & Substance.” It promised something more profound than just pretty outfits – it hinted at a person who was unafraid to delve into meaningful conversations.

As I started following Sophie’s journey, I quickly realised that she was the real deal – a fashion influencer who could seamlessly blend fashion with substantial discussions. 

She wasn’t just about the latest trends and makeup routines; she was unapologetically, authentically herself, sharing her thoughts on topics that matter, from societal issues to personal experiences. 

Fast forward to today, and I found myself sitting down with Sophie for an interview on the Mindspo Podcast, right in the midst of her first solo adventure in Bali.

Our conversation went beyond the surface, delving into female solo travel, the pressures we, women, endure from society, and the delicate balance of maintaining independence while being in a relationship.

We also talked about our challenges in making friends as an adult, a journey that inspired Sophie to create her empowering initiative, New Circle Society.

Sophie’s unique perspective and her genuine desire to use her platform for good are truly inspiring. 

So, come along, join us in this conversation, and learn from Sophie’s ability to challenge societal norms while staying true to her unique style. 

Stick around; you won’t want to miss it!

Topics Covered On This Episode:

  • Why you should not judge a book by its cover 
  • How Sophie uses her platform for meaningful conversations
  • Sophie’s solo travel adventure in Bali
  • Advice for booking your first solo trip 
  • Unspoken shame and generational difference linked to female solo travel
  • How to maintain independence while being in a relationship
  • Expectation VS Reality of what their adult lives look like now
  • Challenges of making and maintaining friends as an adult 
  • Sophie’s new business, New Circle Society

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Challenging Societal Expectations: Sophie Milner on Authenticity, Female Solo Travel, and Making Friends as an Adult [ep. 53]

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