3 Easy Ways to Get Into Vibrational Alignment [ep. 64]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

Ever found yourself triggered by the constant push in the manifestation space to always be high-vibe? Those familiar phrases like “feel joy now” and “just focus on the good” are often echoed in the manifestation community, myself included.

One common misconception is the belief that we need to maintain a high-vibe state at all times. I’ll confess; I once fell into that trap. When I stepped into this space over 12 years ago, I thought successful manifesting required me to be the happiest version of myself 24/7.

However, the richness of the human experience lies in embracing the entire spectrum of emotions, not confining ourselves to a single range. Over the years, I’ve refined my approach to manifestation, emphasising gentleness with feelings and recognising that every experience, whether positive or challenging, holds valuable lessons.

In this episode, I delve into three practical strategies to get in alignment fast, without the weight of shaming or suppressing your negative emotions. This episode will not only teach you how to feel better but also how to hold space and honour your emotions when you’re not feeling your best.

Just press play and let this episode guide you through the intricacies of manifesting amid the ebb and flow of your personal journey.

Topics Covered On Getting Into Vibrational Alignment: 

  • The misconception about being in a constant high-vibe state 
  • Rochelle’s journey with navigating through low-vibe emotions  
  • 3 actionable strategies to realistically raise your vibe 
  • How to manifest with more feminine energy 
  • Overcoming the pressure to maintain constant positivity

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3 Easy Ways to Get Into Vibrational Alignment [ep. 64]

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