Meditate to Manifest – 5 Meditation Techniques to Help You Calm Your Mind & Create Your Dream Reality [ep. 38]



Did you know that you can meditate to manifest? Meditation literally changes the way your brain is wired, which is pretty mind-blowing! To me, it’s by far the most underrated manifestation tool. Often, when I see people struggling with manifestation, it’s because they don’t meditate and, therefore, lack control over their minds.

Through meditation, you learn to master your mind, which will help you with all the steps in the manifestation process. Meditation acts as a gateway to manifestation and personal growth – it’s the foundation that holds everything together on this journey of self-discovery. If you’ve ever dealt with overthinking, anxiety, sleep problems, or negative self-talk, meditation could be the key to transforming your mind and life.

Take it from me, I was someone who never thought I would meditate. I used to believe meditation was some woo-woo hippie stuff. However, it truly has been a game-changer for me – it literally saved my life and led to the creation of Mindspo and this very podcast.

The practice of meditation has taken me from a person who was sad, anxious, and depressed, struggling with chronic PTSD, experiencing panic attacks, and battling bulimia, to the woman I am today. I am no longer just surviving and trying to make it through life; I am thriving. If you want to hear more about my story and meditation journey, you can listen back to our pain-to-purpose episode by clicking here

So, it’s truly an honour to bring you today’s episode, which is all about the incredible power of meditation. In this episode, I’ll introduce you to my 5 go-to meditation techniques and explain how you can utilise them to manifest your dream life. I promise it’s going to be a life-changing journey, whether you’re an experienced meditator or just starting out.

1. Mantra-Based Meditation

Let’s dive into the first meditation practice: mantra-based meditation, also known as affirmation-based meditation. The word “mantra” is derived from the Sanskrit words “manas,” meaning mind, and “tra,” meaning tool. This meditation technique involves silently repeating a word or phrase in your mind. An example of a traditional mantra is “So Hum,” which translates to “I am.” Once you learn this practice, you can do it anytime and anywhere, without guidance or music.

By repeating the mantra, you allow your mind to reach a deeper level of consciousness. You become aware of the different thoughts in your head, and you might notice several voices competing for attention. This awareness helps you distance yourself from those thoughts, focus on the mantra, and develop better control of your attention and intention, which are essential for successful manifestation. 

Mantra-based meditation has been the most transformational meditation method for me. It has helped me become the observer of my thoughts without being overwhelmed by them. It’s the only meditation method that allows my mind to reach a deep state of rest and regulation, and the foundation of the Mindspo Meditation Method we’ve developed and put out in a course. 

2. Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is a highly popular meditation style that you may have already tried. It involves a teacher leading you through a recorded practice, often designed for a specific purpose, such as boosting confidence or finding forgiveness. These meditations take you on a journey, like a story with a beginning, middle, and end, offering inspiration and support for your manifestation goals. In guided meditations, you can surrender and let the teacher guide you through a transformative experience.

Personally, I don’t use guided meditation every day; I prefer my regular mantra-based meditation. However, when I need to spice things up or work on something specific, like shifting my mindset or starting a new chapter, I turn to guided meditations. 

Within Mindspo’s manifestation app, called Manifestie, we have a library of different guided meditations that you can use to address specific topics, pain points, or objectives. One of my favourites is the “New Beginnings Meditation,” designed to guide you out of feeling stuck, make a quantum leap and step into a new chapter of your life. 

Although guided meditations are powerful tools for manifestation, I always suggest having a mantra-based meditation practice too. Guided meditations add new elements to the mind, whereas mantra-based meditation works deeply to clear mental clutter. Combining both practices can create a beautiful synergy for your personal growth journey.

3. Walking Meditation

Walking meditation, also called moving meditation, is a powerful mix of mindfulness and physical movement. While it has its roots in Buddhism, it has become popular again, especially thanks to influential teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza. During a walking meditation, you move intentionally and focus your awareness, allowing you to be fully present in the moment.

My first encounter with walking meditation was during a yoga teacher training, where we were encouraged to explore each of our five senses while walking. By becoming aware of our senses, we were able to ground ourselves in the now and tap into the power of the present moment. If you want to try it for yourself, we offer a ‘Five Senses Walking Meditation’ in our manifestation app Manifestie.

Additionally, we’ve been experimenting with other, more modern variations of walking meditations, which allow you to tap into the frequency and vibe of your future self. One meditation I highly recommend is the ‘Walking Meditation for Main Character Energy’, where you can step into your power and embrace the belief that you are the creator of your own reality. If you’ve never tried a Manifestie app walking meditation, we’ve also released it as a podcast episode, which you can listen to by clicking here.

Walking meditations go beyond just mental exercise; they involve your entire being. They help you embody the energy you wish to manifest, aligning your thoughts, emotions, and actions to create a powerful manifestation practice. 

4. Sleep Meditation

Research has shown that meditation, including mantra-based meditation and mindfulness meditation methods, has a positive impact on sleep quality, which is essential for living a healthy life. In a previous episode (episode 9), we had Australia’s leading sleep expert, Olivia Arezzolo, join us to talk about the link between sleep and meditation. If you’re interested in learning more, you can listen to the episode by clicking here.

When it comes to sleep meditations and manifestation, there’s a lot to explore. One powerful approach is what I call “subconscious reprogramming sleep meditations,” which we offer on the Manifestie app. These meditations are designed to tap into the brainwave changes that occur right before falling asleep.

In order to manifest effectively, it’s important to work with your subconscious mind, as that’s where your beliefs and programming reside. One of the easiest ways to access the subconscious mind is through the process of falling asleep. During the theta brainwave state, which occurs in the drowsy phase before sleep, your mind is highly receptive to suggestions. Using sleep meditations, you can effortlessly reprogram your mind during this receptive state.

The beauty of these sleep meditations is that you don’t need to actively do anything. Just play the meditation as you drift off to sleep, and trust that your subconscious mind is doing the work. They are like a “cheat code” for manifestation. Your conscious mind rests, but your subconscious mind remains active, making it an ideal time for deep reprogramming.

5. Visualisation Meditation

Visualisation is a form of meditation where you are concentrating on a mental image to help focus and centre your body and mind. Mastering the skill of visualisation is a game-changer for manifesting your desires, and it’s something that can help you in so many different areas of your life.

Many studies have researched the impact of the mind-body connection, and there’s so much scientific evidence out there that supports the effectiveness of visualisation. One study, for example, showed that virtual workouts can increase muscle strength, just like physical exercise does. Not only that, research has shown that visualisation can help you develop and improve real skills by visualising yourself practising them. This has been shown in studies of golfers improving their putting performance, as well as in surgical trainees refining their technical skills. These studies are just a few examples of the large body of evidence supporting the power of visualisation.

Visualisation is like mental rehearsal, and it’s something we can all take advantage of in our day-to-day life. Our manifestation app Manifestie has many visualisation meditations, and we’ve seen so many amazing results from our users. One of my favourites is the ‘Embody Success Meditation,’ where you’re guided to tap into a past success and transfer those feelings, emotions, and energy to visualise your successful future. We’ve had countless users message us, saying that they have manifested health, wealth, love, promotions, and more through this specific meditation.

Ready to Try It Out for Yourself?

So, there you have it. These are all my favourite meditation methods that can really boost your manifestation journey and change your life for the better. Whether you choose to learn meditation through my app, Manifestie, or explore the Mindspo Meditation Method, the most important thing is to find a teacher and method that resonates with you. 

Meditation is not just a trendy practice; it’s an ancient tool that helps you connect with your true self. It will not only help you manifest more successfully but also improve every aspect of your life. 

If you want to explore meditation more, you can check out the Mindspo Meditation Method or download Manifestie app to access our range of powerful manifestation meditations. We even have a 66-day meditation challenge to help you make meditation a daily habit. Whichever path you choose, know that meditation is meant to be easy, accessible, and enjoyable. 

Remember, the most important person in your life is you, and meditation can be the key to unlocking your full potential.

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Meditate to Manifest – 5 Meditation Techniques to Help You Calm Your Mind & Create Your Dream Reality [ep. 38]

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