Clearing Financial Trauma, Ego Deaths, and How to Actually Manifest Your Dreams in 2024 with Megan Rose Lane [ep. 67]



Here’s what to expect from this episode:

In the course of my podcasting journey, I’ve discovered that the episodes where I am the most vulnerable often leave the greatest impact. Today’s episode is no exception – it’s a raw and authentic dive into aspects of my life that, frankly, make me uncomfortable. I was literally sweating while recording it.

What adds an extra layer of significance to this episode is that it marks the launch of the annual Clear to Create masterclass series, a collaboration between my friend Megan Rose Lane and me.

For those who are new here, let me give you a quick rundown of Clear to Create.

A few years ago, Megan and I noticed a gap in the personal development space, especially when it comes to creating, manifesting, and embracing the “new year, new me” energy. While everyone talks about manifesting and setting goals for the New Year, few discuss the importance of holding space, letting go, and processing the challenges of the past year.

Enter Clear to Create.

It’s our annual rebirth portal, guiding you through workshops and ceremonies to help you let go of the past and move into the next year with clarity and calmness. The goal? To help you transform into a clear channel to your heart’s desires.

Clear to Create delves into the trenches, exploring the shadows and addressing the aspects people often shy away from but are essential for personal growth.

In this episode, Megan and I peel back the layers of Clear to Create, revealing the aspects we’re personally clearing from our past year – topics like ego deaths, financial trauma, standards, expectations, and shame. We’re laying it all out on the table.

Plus, we’re speaking into existence all the things we want to create in 2024.

If, like us, you’re gearing up for a transformative 2024, you’re in for something powerful. This episode isn’t just a peek into our lives; it’s an invitation, a call to action. It’s a shared journey of shedding the old and embracing the new – a journey that’s as much yours as it is ours.

As you listen, if our stories resonate with you, then consider this a personal invitation to join us for Clear to Create and step into the light of 2024 collectively.

Together, let’s set the stage for a 2024 that transcends expectations – a year where we not only dream but bring those dreams to life by saying yes to the death and rebirth portal that is Clear to Create.

Meet Megan:

Megan Rose Lane is a spiritual mentor, space holder, and women’s coach. She empowers women to break through fears and limitations by harnessing their inner power and aligning with their soul truth. Megan Rose Lane is a loving mother and speaker who celebrates the unfiltered reality of being a woman.

Megan is the founder of The Empress Retreats, she runs online workshops and holds powerful in-person events and women’s circles for deep healing and transformation.

Topics Covered on Clear to Create:

  • The one thing you need to do if you want to manifest with clarity in 2024 
  • Megan’s personal experience with financial trauma 
  • How Rochelle’s ego has been holding her back 
  • Our relationship with rebirth portals 
  • How we created Clear to Create and why this portal is so powerful for manifesting

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Clearing Financial Trauma, Ego Deaths, and How to Actually Manifest Your Dreams in 2024 with Megan Rose Lane [ep. 67]

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